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Elasticated Joint tape

Brand name: Baumerk

Our Elastic Joint Band is a waterproof sealing band that is used at wall/floor junctions to protect the most critical area of the waterproofing application. Consisting of a unique grade of rubber, the Elastic Joint Band provides a rupture resistant seal that accommodates expected movement between the abutments of different surfaces. Also performs as the bond breaker for the waterproofing system.

Features & Benefits: Easy and time saving installation, Eliminates need for bond breaking sealants, foams and tapes, Elastic reinforcement at critical movement areas, High strength while remaining elastic, Long term sealing protection at volatile areas

Uses: Sealing wall/floor junctions and surface abutments, Wet area bond breaker, Waterproofing joints of structural sheeting materials, Sealing joints and junctions on decks, balconies and roofs, Sealing movement and control joints, Crack repairs on concrete floors before tiling, screeds and toppings