Seamless Flooring

At Flock Image, our deep industry expertise enables us to understand and meet the unique needs of modern businesses. Our team specializes in installing high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing industrial flooring suitable for a variety of environments. We’ve made a mark in Malta’s seamless flooring market, having worked on several prestigious projects across sectors such as hospitality, food storage and processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and more.

Our flooring solutions include advanced materials like fast-curing polyurea elastomerics, polyurethane floor paints, and Flowcrete’s polyurethane flooring screeds. Recognized for our skill in preparing and laying Flowcrete floors—a global leader in flooring—we ensure excellence in every project. Emphasizing thorough surface preparation, we guarantee optimal adhesion and performance of our flooring and waterproofing services, catering to specialized needs like anti-static flooring for the electronics industry.

Seamless Flooring services we offer

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STB Compact