Terms & Conditions

You may cancel the purchase made anytime up to fifteen (15) calendar days after delivery of the said item, by contacting the Retailer, preferably in writing.

The Retailer shall refund any sums which you may have paid within thirty (30) calendar days. The Retailer reserves the right to withhold any bank charges it incurs in connection with the cancelled purchase.

Where the item has already been delivered to a Gift List holder, you are to make immediate arrangements for the gifts/items to be returned in person to the Retailer.

Purchase of gifts or items made to specification or clearly personalised may not be cancelled.

Where any gift or item selected and purchased from a list is unavailable or for some reason beyond the control of the Retailer availability cannot be confirmed, the Retailer shall endeavour to replace the gift/item purchased with another gift/item from the same list/range to your satisfaction and with your consent. In default the Retailer will refund the payment made.

Should you wish to return any item, this should be delivered to our San Gwann outlet in its original box. Please make sure that you keep the receipt when purchasing items as we have a strict policy of – no returns without original box and receipt.