Because of our experience in the industry, we at Flock Image, understand and realise the needs of today's businesses and work with our customers for the best solution to their specific needs. Our experienced team, can install high-quality industrial flooring for any environment that needs a durable, hard wearing, attractive surface.

Seamless Flooring

Seamless Flooring systems is another market in which Flock Image has established a sturdy foothold in Malta. We have coated floor areas on various prestigious projects around Malta, such as:

  • Hotel / industrial kitchens;
  • Warehouses storing items ranging from packaged to fresh food products;
  • Meat / fish processing plants
  • Breweries;
  • Water bottling areas;
  • Electronics assembly areas;
  • Pharmaceutical plants;
    Aerospace hangars.

Flooring products range from:

  • Fast curing polyurea elastomerics;
  • Polyurethane floor paints;
  • Flowcrete’s polyurethane flooring screeds;
  • We are entrusted with the preparation and laying of Flowcrete’s floors. Flowcrete is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of specialist flooring products;
  • Anti-static flooring for the highly specialized electronic industry.

Flock Image gives a lot of importance to correct surface preparation both in flooring and waterproofing applications. Surfaces to be coated must be thoroughly cleaned prior to any coating. Thus ensuring a good bond between material and substrate.


Services we offer

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Peran STB Compact

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